Urasuki Knives


A new twist on an old design

The urasuki geometry is commonly seen on traditional japanese cutlery. The knife is chisel ground for a left or right handed person to a zero edge. The difference between this and a “standard” chisel grind is the back side of the blade. The back side of one of these traditionally ground blades had a forged relief in a large hollow extending from just behind the edge to just below the spine from the ricasso to the tip of the blade. Normally when sharpening one of these blades you would clamp the blade flat and run a stone flat across its grind from handle to tip to remove material. in order to finish the edge you would then lay the stone across the back of the blade and polish from handle to tip to remove material. The relief cut aids in the part of sharpening by reducing the amount of material that you need to remove speeding up the process. it also aids in less friction and sticking when cutting.

My modern version of this knife uses stock removal to attain the same hollow relief of traditional blades.

The Urasuki grind offers a strong cross section of blade commonly found in chisel ground knives but with a new twist and added ease of sharpening. With this geometry and ease of properly sharpening both from and back of the urasuki grind i have made some of the sharpest and best cutting knives of my career